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CO-ED Divisions

Blastball (Pre-K / Ages 3 -5)

T-Ball (Pre-K - Kindergarten / Ages 4 - 6)

Boys Baseball Divisions

AA (Kindergarten - 1st Grade)

AAA (2nd - 3rd Grade)

Minors (4th - 5th Grade)

Majors (6th - 7th Grade)

Juniors (8th - 9th Grade)

Seniors (10th - 11th Grade)

Girls Softball Divisions

Mini Softball (Kindergarten - 1st Grade)

8U Micro (2nd - 3rd Grade)

10U Minors (4th - 5th Grade)

12U Majors (6th - 7th Grade)

14U Juniors (8th - 9th Grade)

16U Seniors (10th - 11th Grade)

For additional details about baseball or softball divisions please check their registration pages. 

For additional questions please reach out to the designated division leader

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